Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life drawings from the Gardiner Museum and OCADU

 some life drawings from a week ago and last friday. I did a loooot of them over because it helps me figure stuff out (:

 she was on a break, massaging her foot!

i like this one.

do more like this one but with better proportions and foreshortening

 lol what a thing

proportions were really bad on this one o.o

 didn't finish :c

 she was texting on her breaaaaak so i gave her the 30-second treatment

 from imagination because I was getting sick of the previous pose :P
 birds from the ROM! a far cry from what i used to be able to do
 character gestures on the right page
 the little sketchbook i always keep in my butt pocket! I use it for sketching on the metro~

i mainly use it for hand studies right now


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    1. Tank you Joshua!!!!!!! I be working hard to get into animation