Wednesday, 13 November 2013

November life mini-update

I'm not really happy with art fundamentals right now, but I guess I ought to plod through it and try to pass so that I can get into animation within the next five years and maybe make a name for myself and my stupid  craft.

Here are a select few life drawings that are up on my wall right now. I'd take pictures of the other ones, too, but I'm tired. Two months of life drawing have brought me here. It hasn't been without its misery... but hey

I think I need to start learning some anatomy. There are huge gaps in my knowledge since I never really devoted the time to studying it. I've been told that my attempts at showing some anatomy need to be backed by actual study so that I can really begin to solidify my life drawings. I want to get really good at this... but progress has been painfully slow.

^ and up here is the culmination of what I've allegedly been learning in my program. It's a cardboard hand. It's made out of hot glue and cardboard. I'm so good at this. I deserve a medal! and some scholarship money so I can pay for VCA